In 2014, Ashley’s journey into fitness began when she started to train for her first bodybuilding competition. Given that she had just relocated from her hometown for Dallas, TX to Denver, CO, the fitness community helped her adapt to moving to a new city after living in Texas for 30 years.

After competing in her first show that fall, she went on to compete nationally, then earned professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding in the fall of 2016 at the North American Championships, while also earning the North American Bikini Overall Champion title. Since earning her pro card, Ashley has been unstoppable in the pro circuit and has competed in multiple pro shows, is a two time pro champion, and 2018 Olympian. Competing in the Olympia has been a goal of Ashley’s since attending the 2015 Olympia as a spectator. To step on the biggest stage of the bodybuilding world and achieve one of her biggest goals was an absolute dream come true and an accomplishment she will forever cherish.

Outside of the stage, Ashley owns her our posing studio, Studio A, and has been a posing coach since 2015. While Ashley loves competing and being onstage, her biggest goals in the fitness industry are to inspire others, share her knowledge, and give back to the industry that has changed her life more than she could have ever imagined.

More than just a posing studio

Studio A offers online and in-person sessions, so no matter where you are located in the world, Ashley’s services are available to you. Once you choose Studio A to be a part of your journey to the stage, Ashley will also help you with every detail from head to toe and guide you in the right direction for your suit, hair, makeup, jewelry, and tanning.

At Studio A you will ...

  • Learn how to embody what it takes to command the stage
  • Create a presentation that showcases your personality
  • Learn the proper angles that best suit your physique
  • Be partnered with the best companies in the industry
  • Transform into the best version of you on and off the stage

What Studio A clients say

“Ashley doesn’t just teach you to pose. She provides guidance from head to toe and encourages you to find your own style that best suits you as an individual. I wouldn’t have won my Pro card with out her!”
Katie Blanch
"Ashley is a crucial part of my competition journey and should be for anyone considering competing. Her love for the sport of bodybuilding radiates in her gift as a coach and person and I could not have placed top 10 in my first National show had it not been for Ashley and her guidance, support, and love."
Jessica Ragle
"Working with Ashley as my posing coach has been a game-changer for me. She has helped me not only fine-tune my posing routine, but has completely transformed my overall confidence and stage presence."
Sunnie Viegas

Skype Sessions

Online sessions are available via Skype these sessions are just as informative as being in person. Every detail is covered and the sessions are extremely precise.

In-Person Sessions

For Colorado residents or clients looking for an alpine getaway, in-person sessions are available at Studio A headquarters in downtown Denver.

Facetime Sessions

Online sessions are available via FaceTime. These sessions are just as informative as being in person. Every detail is covered and the sessions are extremely precise.