Monthly Lifestyle Coaching

$265.00 / month

Recommended for people who are new to fitness, this is a nutrition and training plan designed specifically for you and your goals. Plan adjustments will occur as needed based on your check-in photos and progress, and I will be available for you through text/email/phone call. Clients who communicate with me regularly and send weekly check-ins are the ones who see the best results. You will be held accountable by sending progress pictures (and tracking your weight & body fat percentage (if possible) once per week. (3 month minimum required.) Enrollment includes:

  • Grocery list
  • Nutrition plan
  • Training plan
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Exercise how-to resources
  • Weekly check-ins (front and back photo only, weight, body fat – if applicable)
  • Adjustments as needed


NOTE: After check-out you will receive a link to download a questionnaire. Once you submit your completed questionnaire, you will have your new plan within 7 days.



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